Sunday, April 19, 2015

Meta-blogging/Not-blogging/Checking in

I’m officially recognizing what has been true for a little while now: the update schedule of this periodic opus has changed from “monthly” back to “unlikely”.

I have one mostly-finished draft and one big looming obligation to myself and others, but the purpose of starting this blog was to work out some ideas that I kept turning over in my head, and the purpose of setting a schedule was to make myself carve out time to do so. Now that I’ve written the ones I had a burning desire to write (and some others. Which ones are which? I’ll never tell. Actually I would if anyone asked), I’m content to fall back to the pattern of writing something if an idea strikes me and I want to get it down, but otherwise not worrying about it.

And to attend to one other bit of housekeeping: the About page, written just under two years ago, noted that we were expecting another kid who would probably not fit that well into the blog title. Indeed, it took us a while to figure it out, but we’re pretty sure at this point that she’s a goat. And the title is staying as-is. Add it to the long and growing list of little indignities and neglects she suffers as a second child.

The Goat (or, as I usually say it in my head because it has a better ring to it, La Cabra!) and the Wolverine playing "climb the headboard and jump off backwards".