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This is an escalation of the Google doc I've had for a while called "Posts for the eternally hypothetical blog", which was based on a mental list that went back even farther.  I've never really wanted to have a blog, but it seems like there are some ideas that I keep coming back to and want to have a crack at writing out.  In this world of wonders, it's just as easy to publish that sort of thing as to not publish it, so why not?

The name is probably ill-advised, partly because it seems to be trying a little too hard and partly because it's going to be obsolete soon.  It's named for the spirit animals of each member of my little family, but we're looking to expand in a few months, and the newcomer will have her own personality, and it's highly unlikely that it will continue the alliteration.

A note on animal stereotypes:
  • Wolves are friendly animals who live in mutually supporting communities.  They get a bad rap because they're intelligent and they hunt, and humans want that space to themselves.
  • Wolverines come in for some of the predator stigma and some of the scavenger stigma, and they're also irrepressible, driven by boundless energy, and tenacious as shit.  Probably among the most strong-willed animals in the world.  That would be my daughter.

[The above was written April 24, 2013. There's a small update here.]

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